The tooling section of is a collection of tools for doing machine learning on Kubernetes.


Kubeflow is a Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes, open sourced by Google in December 2017.

Getting started:


The project provides tooling with a focus on Apache Spark and Apache Kafka as well as tutorials covering examples from Tensorflow to Jupyter notebooks.

Machine Box

Machine Box is a collection of state of the art machine learning technologies inside a container. Currently the following boxes are available:

  • facebox: detects and identifies faces in photos.
  • textbox: natural language processing, with entity and keyword extraction, and sentiment analysis.
  • tagbox: generate a list of descriptive tags for an image.
  • nudebaox: detect images that contain nudity or adult content.


PaddlePaddle is a Python-based deep learning platform provided by Baidu that can be run on Kubernetes.