We're about to wrap up the first month, so a good point in time to review what happened so far in 2018. Exciting times with a lot of interest in the Machine Learning space; if there's anything I might have overlooked in the Kubernetes Machine Learning space, you let me know please?

TensorFlow Dev Summit

So there will again be a developer meetup around TensorFlow in March, in the Bay Area and you can sign up for it now. Also, check out last year's event to get an idea what to expect.

Machine Learning on OpenShift

There is a SIG for Machine Learning on OpenShift in the context of the OpenShift Commons. Meet you there!

Making Machine Learning on Kubernetes Portable and Observable

In this DZone step-by-step tutorial Tamao Nakahara shows how to set up Kubeflow using Weave Cloud on the Google Cloud Platform.

Introducing Seldon Core — Machine Learning Deployment for Kubernetes

Alex Housley, the CEO of Seldon, has a detailed blog pos on the opensourcing of their Seldon platform. You can install it via Helm and it comes with a custom resource definition, allowing for a seamless experience. I'm super interested to learn more about it

Tooling & Tutorials


Some ten days ago the KubeFlow community held its first on-line meeting with over 60 participants world-wide, in two batches. You may wish to peruse the meeting notes to learn more what was discussed and decided.

Header photo by Jaxon Stevens / Unsplash